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2 min readApr 13, 2020

In AidSquad, the first decentralized Global Pandemic Information Platform, people provide Personal Health Records (PHR) to compose a public dataset that anyone can use to understand pandemics. PHR contributions are rewarded to the cause they decide and AidSquad infrastructure periodically generates rewards.

All the data generated in the rewarding process is made available to anyone in a transparency portal ( AidSquad Transparency Portal allows redeeming rewards. Also, it shows statistics on the published rewards, tokens assigned within the smart contract or in wallets. Also, it shows the chart of tokens emitted and their distribution.

In the reward system, each cause receives a token assignation in proportion to PHR submissions associated with it. The reward system generates incremental snapshots that emit a number of tokens related to the amount of PHRs submitted. This adjustment, both an increase and decrease, takes the number tokens rewarded in a snapshot and caps the difference to 10%, this is if 100 tokens were rewarded in a snapshot, the next snapshot rewards between 90 and 110 tokens.

Token rewards are emitted in incremental snapshots, which are composed of one or more checks. Each of these checks can assign tokens to up to 32 causes. Tokens are not assigned to the cause address, but the check is a collection of data that can be submitted to the AidSquadToken smart contract to redeem tokens. A check cashing assigns tokens to causes’ address within the smart contract. To get the ERC777 token, they need to be pulled from the smart contract. The process of doing snapshots, submitting checks, and pulling the ERC777, is designed to allow anonymous contributors to support the cost of emitting the token. Check “cashing” can be done by anyone, but pulling the ERC777 from the smart contract must be done by the cause itself.

But how are these checks made public? The PHRs are made public in IOTA transactions to the PHR address, so everyone can check the data and verify that they are submitted by the user. So, why not use the same technology to publish checks? We used the same approach and the checks are published in the snapshots address. The transparency portal itself provides a user interface to revise check state and cash checks using MetaMask.

Current days have demonstrated the value of information, and the desire of people to help others. AidSquad is a platform in which people can publish health information. We believe that in this type of platform, transparency is a key feature to increase user trust, which we provide with the AidSquad Transparency Portal.

We invite you to discover the portal in the following video:

We will come back soon with new updates. Thanks for reading.

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