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3 min readFeb 18, 2022

The next step of evolution for GeoDB and the universe of data

Your favourite brand of coffee, the music that touches you the most, the secret holiday you have been planning for more than a year now, and even your emotional health; your smallest, most inconsequential seeming habits reveal a lot more about you than you can even imagine.

And you are being observed!

But it’s not just through your geolocation. To understand you and engage with you better, businesses collect behavioural, geographic, demographic and spatiotemporal data, amongst other types of personal information. They then use it to customize experiences that make your journey so much more magical (Did you start getting Visit Japan ads the day after you discussed it with your bestie? Gotcha!)

So who owns your secrets?

More centralized companies mean more power in their hands, leading to data abuse and manipulation and creating a monolithic power play where power resides with those who know more than you (even if it is about you).

With different types of data being generated in various formats- machine, facial, biological data et al., it’s time for control to move from a handful of organizations to you. It’s time to take back our secrets.


Privacy. User control. Incentives for sharing.

Imagine a world where this is the norm. A world that’s decentralized and designed to benefit you!


GeoDB has evolved to Dataverse because we wanted to make a genuine effort to give back the power of control to ‘you’ and help you earn rewards from the data you generate. With our well-designed, innovative and futuristic tools, Dataverse aims to decentralize your data not just in the virtual world but also in the real world.

“The need for GeoDB to evolve was there from the beginning. It’s painfully clear for anyone listening in that geolocation is not, by far, the only type of data available in the grand scheme of things. Dataverse has a core mission: to treat all data as valuable and private to the end user and build on top of that data in order to extract the locked value within, as part of our wider vision: Help The World Learn from its Data” — Luis Gelado Crespo, CEO and Co-Founder of Dataverse, formerly GeoDB.

The next step of evolution for the universe of data.

Thanks to the ever-evolving world, our data is constantly being collected by different parties every time we engage with technology. When you are online, some data is contributed voluntarily by you. But what about the other data that is obtained by the system by observing your digital activities or calculating your footprint? Serious privacy and security issues have emerged because of this, especially where storing personal data is concerned.

There’s no doubt that user data helps to improve the personalization of functionality and create a better user experience. But with that comes the growing need to strike a balance between user privacy and an enhanced user experience.

We believe that the key is collaboration.

What’s in it for you as a brand?

With Dataverse, you can strategize better by understanding your markets, understanding the consumers’ online and offline journeys, and planning your campaigns better by acquiring data and integrating market insights. Most importantly, all this data will be received by you ethically. The best part? You’ll always have the edge over your competitors.

And what’s in it for you as a user?

With the evolution of GeoDB to Dataverse, we extend an ethical blockchain to you so that you can share data without losing control or ownership of your data. The best part is that you continue earning from your data simultaneously!

What data should be shared with whom, and how should be by your volition, not force. GeoDB has evolved to Dataverse to create genuinely decentralized tools for web 3.0 that will give back the power of control to you.

Welcome to Dataverse, where you control data not just in the virtual, but also in the real world!

The next step of evolution for GeoDB and the universe of data is here, and ‘you’ are at the centre of it all.

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