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2 min readJan 10, 2019

We work hard building GeoDB, and very soon we’ll tell you several things about our project. Today we make a small break to present you, ITE, a small application that we’ve developed to carry out tests in IOTA, one of the technologies that we’re analyzing and testing.

For those who don’t know IOTA, just tell you that it’s a DLT initially conceived for the IoT but with a lot of potential. It’s scalable, it has no fees, nor miners and has several very interesting features. You’ve all the information on its website

To avoid misunderstandings, we believe it’s good to clarify that the fact that we’re analyzing the performance of IOTA and carrying out tests with this technology does not imply that our solution will be built on IOTA. We want to do the right things and we’re analyzing and writing our proposals, so we’re evaluating different technologies to build our solution. IOTA is among them.

ITE, acronym of IOTA Testing Environment, is an OSGi application developed with Eclipse RCP. ITE integrates an adapted IRI node to deploy a private IOTA testnet. It also integrates a trytes converter and a JavaScript editor in which the IOTA JavaScript library is embedded. In addition, from the editor it’s possible to use Jota library, which is also integrated into the app.

We’ve developed ITE in a handful of days to carry out our internal tests, so it’s neither documented nor free of errors, but we believe that it can be very useful in certain cases and that is why we publish it. The code is available in its public repository as well as launchers for various operating systems. To use it you’ll only have to download and execute the app, simple but effective ;)

We said goodbye with a small video recorded during our tests.

This is all for the moment, we’ll be back soon with great news about GeoDB! Stay tuned! ;)



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