Odin 9 Worlds Whitelist Announcement

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3 min readMar 28, 2022

The Game

Heill Vikings, Grab your weapons and immerse yourself into Norse Mythology with the post-Ragnarök P2E game — the latest Dataverse project spearheading our entry into the NFT world.

After the cataclysmic Ragnarök, the bravest bled, and humanity lay slain. The veils separating the nine worlds burned down, and the world as we know it was consumed with fire.

That’s a small taste of the storyline introduced in Odin’s 9 Worlds NFT game by Dataverse — with over 9999 unique and hand-drawn Norse Inspired NFTs and more than 100 attributes at various rarity levels. The NFT collectibles are connected to the gameplay, allowing privileged access across our 9 Worlds, and players can even collaborate to earn across multiple dimensions.

Both a single-player and a multiplayer game wherein the single-player game mode, you will find weapons in Midgard in the first of a kind NFT sale. You can choose to hold or trade these on the marketplace. As a single-player, you will also race to the nearest pyre to stake your geo tokens to earn reaping or burn them to awaken the hidden NFT.

On the other hand, Viking-ship is all about cooperation and collaboration; thus, in the multiplayer mode of the 9 Worlds, you’ll be able to visit towns and other settlements, train for battles with other players, challenge them, brawl, and best of all? Show off your exciting NFT Weapons!

Fueled by Dataverse’s native token, $GEO, and abound with new and exciting rare NFTs, the game is one of a kind where great gameplay and an immersive, thrilling, and captivating storyline combine for an enjoyable leveling, building, discovering, and ultimately — battling experience!

The whitelist

As the title suggests — we are now opening the floodgates to Valhalla and expect the first of you to arrive shortly — battling your way through our tight but rewarding whitelist — which will grant you the opportunity to mint some of the first weapons and later on, your own Viking avatars to use both in-game and in the Metaverse and beyond!

Click here to join the battle today!



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